About Us

Green Energy Associates brings expertise in Energy Efficiency and Solar Power to give businesses and homeowners one place to go for a Complete Green Energy Solution.

Mission Statement: To transition to green energy and help get America back to work.


Let’s face it these are difficult times. Our country faces huge economic challenges. We think we have an answer to fix some of America’s problems.


1)      Get off of carbon based energy. Yes it employs vast numbers of people currently but at what cost?  And it is reaching an end. How many more wells are we going to drill? How many accidents are we going to have to live with before we make a change?  How much CO2 are we going to allow that pollutes our air and water? GEA is currently and has been positively impacting all these issues.


2)      Get rid of inefficient technologies that promote wasteful consumption. Lighting, heating of hot water, inefficient motors, generation of electricity for commercial and residential use, water irrigation, radiant barriers, and insulation. There are numerous ways to reduce your carbon foot print, BUT you have to want change!!!!


3)      Create a renewable energy economy by making buildings “Net Zero.” Net Zero means that all of the energy needed by the building is produced 100% on-site. First we reduce demand with quick-payback energy efficiency measures, then create the difference with solar.  Currently it works best in partnership with “the grid,” by over-producing in the day, and using those credits at night.


So what’s in a name? Why did we choose Green Energy Associates?


In order for us to make a difference we have to think different. That means it’s all about Team!!!!


Not just one contractor selling one technology and missing all the others. In order to really make a difference we need many contractors doing what they do best.  We are building a GREEN knowledge base with our Green Energy Associates!!!! GEA is all about team. We are not a contractor!!!! but a company of contractors that specialize in certain aspects of reducing your dependency on carbon based energy. We are not here to sell you but to educate and show how you to save money and make a difference in your community.