Contractor Partners

At Green Energy Associates, we pride ourselves in selecting the best contractor partners to ensure the most successful project outcomes.

We specialize in the “Best-Practices” of each technology.

This means that every part of your project will maximize your overall savings and long-term value.  Our contractor partners pass stringent criteria to meet our exacting standards.  Having excellent references, extensive experience, and the highest certifications are a must.

Our equipment is top quality.

This benefits you and your project and ensures years and even decades of reliable service.  For instance, since equipment is only 10% of the life-cycle cost of lighting (80% is electricity), it makes sense to utilize the longest-lasting, brightest, and best-looking light.

We design around your needs.

On a solar project, a system designed after extensive energy use research will maximize your solar budget.  Whether it is a tile roof, flat roof, or solar carport, we design the right system for your needs and long-term benefit.

We have built our reputation on the best service, performance, and pricing.

Please see our Contractor links to learn more about our partners.