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a 1300 FIXER


specialized lighting designed by gEA saves electricity and brightens a space.


Our goal when retrofitting lighting fixtures is to save 65% of the energy per fixture, while improving the brightness as well as the quality of the light.  Our satisfied clients are our biggest supporters.  Much of our business comes from positive referrals and word of mouth.


If you have specific concerns about your facility, we’ve likely addressed the problem successfully at a similar facility and have a satisfied client happy to speak to you about their success.


T12 Fluorescent lighting is being phased out in july 2012.


Replacing Magnetic Ballasts

Magnetic ballasts have already been eliminated, and only T12 electronic ballasts are being sold.  This is because magnetic ballasts are incredibly inefficient.  The oldest ones also have harmful chemicals called PCB’s in them. We safely recycle all old materials.

Replacing T12 Lamps

Due to the Federal Ballast Act, On July 12th, 2012, T12 lamps are no longer going to be sold or imported into the U.S.  If you have a lamp go out after that point, the only way to replace it will be to buy a new T8 ballast and new T8 lamps.  Unfortunately, T8 lamps don’t work in T12 ballasts.  (A T8 lamp will burn out within months if wired to a T12 ballast.) Green Energy Associates will help you install and get rebates for T8 lamps before you face the problem in the first place.

Installing T8 Lamps

A correctly wired high-quality T8 lamp can run for 36,000 hours. But T12’s last only 12,000 to 24,000 hours.  Facility managers need to upgrade to a T8 system, now or later. Those who wait for spot-retrofitting will face increasingly expensive maintenance and energy costs. Those who move quickly, however, can take advantage of the generous rebates available for 2011-12. Working with GEA’s expert team ensures you the maximum rebate, which can offset 50%-100% of the cost.  Rebates are likely to be eliminated from T12 to T8 upgrades once T12 are no longer available.  Act now to ensure funding.